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broke: having no money
woke: being socially aware

New trackball has a 57.2mm ball, which means it can be replaced with a standard (non-UK) billiards ball.

whenever i drive by an arbys they have to lash me to the mast like odysseus

Me: has a Twitter alt for work, for private personal bullshit, talking politics, sharing videos of bike riders in danger

Also me: Accounts on Two instances?!

I love that i can say almost literally whatever the fuck I want on my instance and it’s up to you people as individuals and other admins as community reps to decide if you want to read it

mastodon #protip!

if you want to make mastodon look somewhat more like a birdsite on desktop, try halcyon, an alternative mastodon webclient! just pick one on their git page and keep on rocking in the free world!

*listening to someone playing the bongos* yeah this slaps

Jack: I can't kick off the Nazis because shareholders demand I maximize their value


boost for zen budge to bring balance and peace into ur life

male tinder bios, a glossary of terms:

old-fashioned: misogynist
entrepreneur: unemployed
rakish: sleeps around
sapiosexual: pretentious liar
adventures: unplanned hikes
gentleman: race, gender, & social values that are 200 years out of date

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Troll University

A small community for people who like to have fun online.

Here's the rules, don't make me write more:

  1. No nazis, no alt-right, no tories
  2. If you harass people or make them feel unwelcome on this instance or any other I will find out how to ban people on this thing and then ban you