So far my Mastodon follows are in two distinct groups:

- Very earnest, serious people who want to put aside the nonsense of other websites and build a new kind of community.

- Absolutely unchained shitposters who want to post photos of their ass and tweet "B O R G E R" without being told not to

@char here i am literally trying to thread the needle between being both and. honestly. it owns.

@char imagine if there was a boat that landed with the Mayflower called “feeties are a sandwich”. I think you’re really into something

@char there is no mention of cat pics here so this does not hold up

@char the breakdown appears to be about the same to me 😀

@char sound like the same category to me...

Just the shitposters are serious about shitposting and don't want to be stopped.

@char this is merely a description of theory and resultant praxis

@char It's tough to start out here. These boards are open to anyone so maybe best mute people you're certain you'll never want to read. And search for like-mindeds.

@char @selea I was going to say that my followers were all of the first. But, I got one of the second ones this morning. Sigh.

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